Adding a handy-dashboard to Windows 10 using Win10 Widgets


After looking around for a replacement to the ugly (and deprecated) Windows 7 Gadgets that I’d previously used as a system status dashboard, I came across this project by TJ Markham:


(Note: This post was published in 2017 and is now likely out of date/incorrect.)

Not only is this widget pack (almost) perfect for my needs, it also comes with a single installer for both the widgets and Rainmeter (which it runs on top of). All instructions can be found at as well as setup videos to help you along.

To make the perfect dashboard for me, I needed to add a ping test which was unfortunately not included in the Win10 Widgets pack. I used Ping by killall-q on deviantart. Download the *.rmskin file from here and open it after installing Win10 Widgets.

All that’s left to to is enable the Win10 Widgets and Ping and arrange them as you desire. I put the ping test on top of the Win10 Widgets Date/Time module for a unified look (see image below):

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