Find out what sites are built with using BuiltWith

So you come across a good looking, well designed website and you’re now curious. What platform/technology/CMS is this website using? How was it designed?

You can easily get plenty of information on a site using BuiltWith:

(Note: This post was published in 2017 and is for historical reference only)

And it’s even easier to access site information once you add the very convenient bookmarklet with instructions found here.

In addition, if BuiltWith tells you that the site is using WordPress, you can find exactly what theme the site is running by using WPThemeDetector.

This makes it trivially easy to clone the look and feel of a site if it uses WordPress. All you need is to find the theme and  set it up in the same way.

Click here to see the BuiltWith report for this blog and see the output of WPThemeDetector below:

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