Fun with Instagram Story Polls

Having become fairly bored with Instagram I decided, in late December 2017, to play around with the “story” feature and especially the “POLL” sticker that allows story viewers to vote on your story posts.

61 days and 61 polls later, I dropped the data into Excel and came up with some interesting stats (as at 17/02/2018):

  • Of my 886 followers, an average of 51 view each story poll (5.76%).
  • Of the 51 that view my story an average of 16 vote on each poll (31.4%).
  • The highest percentage of viewers that voted on a poll was 63.46% on “Do you vote on Polls?”. Very M E T A. This was followed by “Power Rangers vs Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” with 60.87%.
  • The lowest percentage of viewers that voted on a poll was 14.29% on “VR38DETT vs RB26DETT”. Polls containing obscure Nissan engine codes are not popular!
  • Largest Margin of Victory was 100% for Initial D in “Initial D vs Wangan Midnight” with Wangan Midnight not getting a single vote. I assumed someone would be contrarian and vote for it but nope.
  • There were 3 50/50 ties with “RWB vs Liberty Walk”, “Raccoon Eyes vs Clown Blush” and “Eagles vs Patriots” all matching up equally.

Fig1) View count on Polls

There was a marginal increase in poll views over time…

Fig2) Total Votes on Polls

…however the total votes increased by a larger amount. This could suggest that people became more comfortable with voting as they were exposed to more polls.


Fig3) Winning % on Polls

When choosing the polls, I tried as much as possible to choose ones that weren’t going to give results heavily skewed to one option. This graph shows that only one got 100% of the votes with the average % of the winners being 66%. I’d say objective achieved.

Now that I’ve exhausted my fun with Instagram Polls, I need to find another feature of Instagram to have fun with.

Data can be found in the (ugly) table below :

(DM on Instagram for the CSV/XLSX if you, for some reason, like looking at stuff like this)


Poll NumberDateOption AOption BNotesViewsVotes (A)Votes (B)Total Votes%views votedWinnerWinning %
118/12/2017YesNoIs Starbucks Overrated?47941327.66Yes69
220/12/2017YesNoBitcoin >R500k in 20184245921.43No56
321/12/2017Cape TownDurbanCities42941330.95Cape Town69
422/12/2017AMGMIn House Car Tuning Brands43741125.58AMG64
523/12/2017NutellaLindtChocolate Brands407101742.5Lindt59
624/12/2017DynaudioJL AudioHigh End Audio4325716.28JL Audio71
725/12/2017DiwaliChristmasReligious Festivals4153819.51Diwali63
826/12/2017BurfeeBombay CrushSugarlicious Ice Cream Macaron Flavours61861422.95Burfee57
927/12/2017Baby One More TimeGenie In A BottleSongs563101323.21Genie In A Bottle77
1129/12/2017AngelIt Wasn't MeShaggy Songs4618919.57It Wasn't Me89
1230/12/2017Initial DWangan MidnightAnime TV Series3860615.79Initial D100
1331/12/2017ImaxCine PrestigeMovie Theatres3916717.95Cine Prestige86
1401/01/2018AlbanyBlue RibbonBread Manufacturers39941333.33Albany69
1502/01/2018KenmeriHakosukaVintage Nissan GTR Models59461016.95Hakosuka60
1603/01/2018PuppiesKittensBaby Pets531451935.85Puppies74
1704/01/2018Allan GrayCoronationAsset/Investment Managers4172921.95Allan Gray78
1805/01/2018Polo (facing right)Polo (facing left)Premium Clothing Brand53381120.75Polo (facing left)73
1906/01/2018R34 GTRSupraPopular Japanese Tuner/Sports Cars471051531.91R34 GTR67
2007/01/2018Mixed Veg PickleMango PickleTraditional SA Indian Food47871531.91Mixed Veg Pickle53
2108/01/2018FNBCapitecSA Banks371041437.84FNB71
2209/01/2018Mutton CurryKebabs and RotiTraditional SA Indian Food511482243.14Mutton Curry64
2310/01/2018Painted NailsFrench ManicureBeauty Treatments61981727.87Painted Nails53
2411/01/2018GobisiqoloOmunyeSA Music52581325Omunye62
2512/01/2018BurfiChana MagajTraditional SA Indian Food481051531.25Burfi67
2613/01/2018AviatorWayfarerRay Ban Models681892739.71Aviator67
2714/01/2018DayNightTime Periods691251724.64Day71
2815/01/2018RajinikanthAmitabh BachchanIndian Film Stars5812112339.66Rajinikanth52
2916/01/2018RWBLiberty WalkCar Styling/Tuning58881627.59TIE50
3017/01/2018StefanDamonVampire Diaries Actors624131727.42Damon76
3118/01/2018Georgie ZamdelaBarker HainesIsidingo Characters66871522.73Georgie Zamdela53
3219/01/2018Alfaholics GTA-RSinger 911Reimagined Classic Cars565182341.07Singer 91178
3320/01/2018PlayStationXboxGaming Platforms441071738.64PlayStation59
3421/01/2018Old RidgeOld ThorneBold and the Beautiful Characters50841224Old Ridge67
3623/01/2018SupermanBatmanDC Characters541992851.85Superman68
3724/01/2018Programming CodeArmani CodeRandom62781524.19Armani Code53
3825/01/2018Matte LipsGloss LipsMakeup601151626.67Matte Lips69
3926/01/2018Powerpuff GirlsDexters LabCartoon Network Shows468111941.3Dexters Lab58
4027/01/2018Stephen CurryLeBron JamesNBA Basketballers577121933.33LeBron James63
4128/01/20181 Horse Sized Duck100 Duck Sized HorsesBattle4535817.78100 Duck Sized Horses63
4229/01/2018Tyson in his primeAli in his primeHypothetical Sports634151930.16Ali in his prime79
4330/01/2018Senna in his primeSchumi in his primeHypothetical Sports491171836.73Senna in his prime61
4431/01/2018Power RangersTeenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesKids TV Shows468202860.87Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles71
4501/02/2018Viceroy ResearchThe Stellenbosch MafiaFinancial News50381122The Stellenbosch Mafia73
4602/02/2018Red BullMonster EnergyEnergy Drinks511261835.29Red Bull67
4703/02/2018StudHoopEarring Types501151632Stud69
4804/02/2018EaglesPatriotsSuperbowl Teams55661221.82TIE50
4905/02/2018GeForceRadeonGraphics Card Brands471121327.66GeForce85
5005/02/2018*nsyncBackstreet BoysBoy Bands5710172747.37Backstreet Boys63
5208/02/2018Climber CuffEar JacketEarring Types584121627.59Ear Jacket75
5309/02/2018F40EnzoFerrari Models5516122850.91F4057
5410/02/2018ChevdaSev and NutsTraditional SA Indian Food5716102645.61Chevda62
5511/02/2018Tennis BiscuitMarie BiscuitBiscuits5916183457.63Marie Biscuit53
5612/02/2018YesNoDo you vote on polls?522763363.46Yes82
5713/02/2018Agent 47Sam FisherGame Characters451251737.78Agent 4771
5814/02/2018911 RSR919 HybridPorsche Racing Cars491241632.65911 RSR75
5915/02/2018Foundation MismatchBlack liplinerBad Makeup57781526.32Black lipliner53
6016/02/2018E-Type2000GTVintage Sports Cars487121939.582000GT63
6117/02/2018Raccoon EyesClown BlushBad Makeup51661223.53TIE50

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