How overpriced is Apple in South Africa?

Are Apple products expensive, or are they just expensive locally?

Earlier this week I was looking at getting a MagSafe wallet for my phone:

Well that’s a little (very) steep, I wonder how much it costs in the US..

Hey Siri…


So I have to pay double the price that they pay in the US?! 😱

Time to dig in a bit deeper

If MagSafe wallets are double the price, could other items have inflated prices too? So I went ahead and made the following tables.


  •  Exchange rate was R14.50/US$ on 02/05/2020 when I pulled this data.
  • US$ values excluded to keep the tables somewhat neat.
  • Everything is more expensive in SA vs buying in the US and converting to Rands.
  • The Extra column shows how much more you pay and the Extra (%) shows the value in %.
  • Prices come from the US Apple Store ( and iStore (

Since I mentioned it first, MagSafe cases and Wallets are priced way higher in SA vs USA. 93% more (close to double the price) on Leather wallets and cases. For the price of a wallet in SA, I can almost buy a wallet and case in US.

I bought a 128Gb 12 Mini from iStore earlier this year. You’re saying I could have bought a 12 Pro Max in the US for the same price?!

Me after compiling that table

After that iPhone realization desensitized me, so what if we pay ±50% more for Apple Watches?

Also, you can buy 5 Airtags in US for the price of 4 in SA.

Here are a random selection of other devices that are on my wish/shopping list:

And wanting to end on another bombshell, for the price of AirPods Max in SA, you can buy a pair of AirPods Pro and Max in the US:


So, we pay way substantially more than the US does for Apple items. Would be cool to understand just what is making up that extra ±50% we pay. Is it VAT, import duties, transport or is Core just making loads of 💰?

Regardless, if I’m going to buy myself an M1 MacBook Pro and an iPhone 12, it’s cheaper for me to take a round trip to New York and buy them there than buying them in SA:

✈️ begone, travel restrictions ✈️

If you have any questions/would like to share your experience with spending too much on Apple devices please leave a reply below. If you want to be notified when a new post is published, click here. Thanks for reading!

(Featured image remixed from this photo by Emil Kalibradov on Unsplash)

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